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PANIC! (or don’t) – We have you covered. Emergency Coffee Delivery to Portland Metro Area

Ongoing supply chain issues continue to cause temporary delays in the availability of some coffees.
We may have to substitute without warning.

Brewphoria (12oz)


Washed process coffee from Nayarit, Mexico

Flavor notes:  Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Nougat, Nutty

Suggested Brewing Methods:  Enjoy this coffee with whoever you love as an espresso, pour over, or cold brew.

Note–this is a 12 oz. bag


This lovely coffee from Nayarit, Mexico, helps raise money for our partners at Identity Euphoria. $5 from every bag is donated to help “Create safe, affirming spaces for queer people to celebrate their authentic selves”. Equality for all is vital to Blind Coffee Roasters.  Our motto, just like our coffee and our support to the underrepresented, is COFFEE = HAPPY.  That means everyone.

This coffee is a washed process which means the coffee cherry is washed off the bean with water before the drying process.  Washed process coffees have chocolatey and nutty notes, and Brewphoria is no exception.

We are proud to say Brewphoria is both Certified Organic and Direct Trade because true equality must include those who grow our coffee.

We also carry a natural processed coffee from the same farm in Nayarit, Mexico.  Find it here.

Brewphoria is such a fantastic coffee, we won an award for it at Golden Bean North America in 2023.  We bet you’ll love it just as much as the judges did!

Note–this is a 12oz bag.