Blind Coffee Roasters, Portland Oregon

Tim Howard, Blind Coffee Roasters PortlandMy name is Tim Howard. I founded Blind Coffee Roasters because I love great coffee and couldn’t find it easily elsewhere, so I started my own roastery. Now I am proud to roast and deliver great coffee to you.

BCR officially launched in January 2012 with the help of our friends in the Timbers Army. So far, we’ve garnered 12 medals at Golden Bean North America in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and we’re very proud of this.

Our coffee philosophy is really quite simple, “It’s all about the taste and smell.”

I also believe that coffee allows us to focus on what makes us happy, because roasting coffee is what makes ME happy. Also, I’ve been roasting coffee for so long, I could probably do it blindfolded!

Through this website and the coffee I roast, I humbly aim to lift your spirit by posting items and stories that will hopefully make you laugh, think, and share the coffee love.

In essence, we are here to show you happiness in a cup.

Fill your cup

Our standard coffee bags are 16oz

(not that 12oz stuff you find elsewhere!)



Ambex Coffee Roaster PortlandFreshly Roasted Coffee, Made in Portland, Made to Order

What makes a freshly brewed cup of coffee even better? Freshly ROASTED coffee! We roast all our coffee to order, and deliver FREE within the Portland metro area (you have the option to choose this during checkout).

We ship nationwide, and can also ship internationally (please contact us for orders outside of the US).

For purchases over 10lb of coffee, please contact us for discounts and shipping rates.

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Praise & Reviews

Willow B.

We ordered 2 lbs of Ethiopian coffee. It is so delicious, best coffee we've had in ages. The coffee is amazing! We think it tastes a little like blackberry, so good. I'm a customer for life! Weinhards really should buy your coffee!!!

Richard H.

Delicious, priced well and roasted a day it two before you get it. Tim is a great guy and aims to please. Do yourself a favor and support this local boy!

Derek W.

Just tried this coffee for the first time, very good! Wish it was in stores!

Lisa Q.

This coffee is absolutely amazing! Its roasted to perfection and the different blends are amazing! I highly recommend Blind Coffee Rosters products to everyone!

Michael W.

Great coffee, great service. Take a minute to tell Tim what you're looking for, and he'll deliver it with a smile.

Lydia E.

Awesome and such wonderful coffee... fresh roasted is the best.

Ramona C.

OMG ~ First sip, I was in absolute heaven!!! So, so, so much better than the other stuff I was buying. Love this stuff. Can't wait to try everything!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Sharon R.

Great coffee !!! Roasted by a great person.

Kristine G.

Best coffee ever!!

Kelley R.

Just had my first cup of Blind Coffee Roasters Guatemalan this morning; smoothest coffee I have ever tasted.

Marianna D.

The best coffee by far!!!!!

Shari W.


Brad N.

You order, they roast, wide selection, local delivery... Nuff' said!

Linda M.

Absolutely amazing!

Aaron K.

Great coffee.

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