So glad you’re here!

Tim & Holly of Blind Coffee Roasters PortlandOur story really began in 1983 when I had the good fortune to work in the coffee industry in San Francisco, which is where I developed my skills, and took up hobby level roasting in the late ’90’s. I’ve been roasting coffee for so long, I could probably do it blindfolded!

BCR officially launched in January 2012 with the help of our friends in the Timbers Army. The rest of the Blind Coffee Roasters team includes my beautiful wife Holly (COO), Steve (Associate Roaster), Rocky (The official Beast of BCR), Yaano (Fuzy Jr.), Percy (Beauty before personality) and Affy (princess).

We’re also proud to have won a total of 4 medals at Golden Bean North America in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Now, the most common question I get asked is:

“Why did you name the roastery ‘Blind Coffee Roasters’? Are you blind?”

No, but I’ve been roasting coffee for so long, I could probably do it blindfolded!

The other reason is to highlight that coffee is really all about the taste and smell. That’s how you know you’re drinking a great cup of coffee!

I also happen to be a Type 1 Diabetic. This can be a real challenge sometimes, but the truth is, we choose what we focus on every day, and there’s a lot more good stuff happening than we’re typically shown.

I believe that coffee allows us to focus on what makes us happy, because roasting coffee is what makes ME happy.

Do what makes YOU happy.

Vision, Mission & Philanthropy

portland coffee catsIn essence, we want to make every cup of coffee a great experience, whilst giving back to some of our favorite charities (Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Leukemia and Lymphoma, Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, Campfire Columbia and Harper’s Playground). $5 per pound of our special blends are donated to these groups.

We also want to make sure that we invest in coffees that have a great cause (direct from farm or co-op wherever possible (Haiti post earthquake relief, Columbia Coffee for Cocaine exchange, Guatemala Women’s Co-op). We have created custom blends for a variety of our partners, and we can and will do that for your organization. We will always consider others, so reach out to us and ask. Giving back is as important as moving forward. In addition, we try to never roast unless the coffee is ordered, and we roast to order. We envision a zero waste policy, and we’re continually improving our process to meet new standards.

Personally, I feel it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that we do all we can do to make the World a better place. This is why we give to great causes through our coffee. We do this because we believe this type of World change comes from within. We also believe this type of change should come from setting a good example, because actions speak louder than words.

We believe everyone should be involved in causes close to their hearts. At BCR it gives us great joy to give to the ones that are close to our hearts.

From all of us at Blind Coffee Roasters, we ask that you make the World a better place by living in a way that makes you happy, every day. And if you add a cup of coffee to that, well, it’ll just get better and better!

Thanks for your support.

Customer Praise & Reviews

Willow B.

We ordered 2 lbs of Ethiopian coffee. It is so delicious, best coffee we've had in ages. The coffee is amazing! We think it tastes a little like blackberry, so good. I'm a customer for life! Weinhards really should buy your coffee!!!

Richard H.

Delicious, priced well and roasted a day it two before you get it. Tim is a great guy and aims to please. Do yourself a favor and support this local boy!

Derek W.

Just tried this coffee for the first time, very good! Wish it was in stores!

Lisa Q.

This coffee is absolutely amazing! Its roasted to perfection and the different blends are amazing! I highly recommend Blind Coffee Rosters products to everyone!

Michael W.

Great coffee, great service. Take a minute to tell Tim what you're looking for, and he'll deliver it with a smile.

Lydia E.

Awesome and such wonderful coffee... fresh roasted is the best.

Ramona C.

OMG ~ First sip, I was in absolute heaven!!! So, so, so much better than the other stuff I was buying. Love this stuff. Can't wait to try everything!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Sharon R.

Great coffee !!! Roasted by a great person.

Kristine G.

Best coffee ever!!

Kelley R.

Just had my first cup of Blind Coffee Roasters Guatemalan this morning; smoothest coffee I have ever tasted.

Marianna D.

The best coffee by far!!!!!

Shari W.


Brad N.

You order, they roast, wide selection, local delivery... Nuff' said!

Linda M.

Absolutely amazing!

Aaron K.

Great coffee.