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Ongoing supply chain issues continue to cause temporary delays in the availability of some coffees.
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Flavor Notes: This remarkable sister coffee to Dominican Froot Cake comes to us direct from farm, and is the highest rated coffee to EVER come out of the Dominican Republic. This amazing coffee is medium bodied and features flavors of roasted mixed nuts, cooked sugar sweetness, and a hint of baking spice. Like most great coffees from the Caribbean, this coffee also features low acidity and an AMAZING smell that does not disappoint in the cup.

Suggested Brewing Methods: We tested this coffee in drip, pour-over, French Press and espresso. It is a great all-purpose coffee. Extremely satisfying in all brewing methods.

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Introducing the sibling coffee to the renowned Black Honey, a remarkable coffee gem cultivated through the meticulous fully washed process and sourced directly from the farm itself. Proudly hailing from the Dominican Republic, this exceptional coffee has garnered extraordinary acclaim, ranking among the highest-rated coffees from the country.
Prepare to be captivated by a medium-bodied, smooth coffee. The enticing notes of roasted mixed nuts intertwine harmoniously with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of gently cooked sugar. A delicate hint of baking spice adds an intriguing layer of depth to the flavor profile. Reflecting the Caribbean’s tradition of excellence, this extraordinary coffee boasts a low acidity, allowing the rich flavors to shine through effortlessly.

Get ready for an ol’factory delight as this exceptional coffee emanates an enchanting aroma that perfectly complements the tantalizing taste in your cup. Are you ready to embark on a sensory journey? This coffee exceeds expectations and showcases the magnificence of Dominican coffee craftsmanship.