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Dominican Fruitcake


Red Honey processed coffee from the Dominican Republic

Flavor Notes:  Sweet cherries, cooked sugar, roasted nuts, lightly floral with medium acidity.

Suggested Brewing Methods:  Dominican Fruitcake makes an excellent espresso, and is also delightful in a percolator or drip machine.  Also great in an Aeropress.

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This sister coffee to Existential Support uses the same beans and a different processing method to provide a delicious full-bodied cup. Not only is this coffee highly rated, it is Certified Organic. Fruitcake comes from the Ramirez Estate in Dominican Republic, which is dedicated to using sustainable methods and supporting their local community. This coffee is surprisingly fruity without the linger, so all that’s left behind is the satisfaction of knowing this coffee is grown and made with the Earth in mind.

Dominican Fruitcake is a honey processed coffee.  The honey process is like a combination of washed and natural:  some of the coffee fruit is left on the bean and it is still washed.  The washing process includes the mucilage from the fruit (this is the ‘honey’ part), which imparts sweetness with a hint of fruit.  This is a more eco-friendly process than washed.

Dominican Fruit Cake is Certified Organic and Direct trade.  We have been doing business with the Ramirez Estate for 12 years.  Their commitment to high quality coffee is an inspiration to us.  We love to see their work as community and sustainability leaders.

To try it side by side with washed processed Existential Support, pick up a bag here.

In our opinion, this is a can’t miss coffee for people who like fruity coffees.