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ER’s Favorite Guatemala


Washed process coffee from Guatemala

Tasting Notes: Bold coffee featuring flavors of chocolate, roasted walnuts and light citrus finish.  Nice linger and solid mouth feel with medium acidity.

Suggested Brewing Method: This coffee is fantastic in all brewing methods we have tested, including (but not limited to) Drip, Espresso, Press, Pour Over, Aero Press and Percolator.


Looking for an everyday coffee?  Experience the perfect companion for your daily coffee ritual.  ER’s Favorite boasts a delightful harmony of roasted walnuts and velvety milk chocolate flavors.  This coffee is a washed process coffee.  This means the coffee cherry is washed off the bean with water before drying, ensuring a clean taste. Indulge in its irresistibly smooth texture, making it an ideal choice for all brewing methods, hot or iced.

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Our Guatemala is a tribute to our late friend, ER, and we are proud to honor his memory with this Direct Trade coffee.


We started Blind Coffee Roasters in 2012 as an extension of Tim’s home roasting hobby.  Since then, we’ve been growing our business into something we’re truly proud of.  We excel at bringing in and roasting coffees from all over the globe to highlight each region’s distinctiveness.  Blind Coffee Roasters provides high quality specialty coffee with a smile and a sense of humor.  We’re grateful for your support and love being part of your morning routine.  Cheers!


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