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PANIC! (or don’t) – We have you covered. Emergency Coffee Delivery to Portland Metro Area

Ongoing supply chain issues continue to cause temporary delays in the availability of some coffees.
We may have to substitute without warning.

Colombia Gesha


Gesha is the rarest coffee variety in the world.  This one is a light roasted natural process from Colombia.
Flavor notes:  Blackberry, black tea, mild floral, light body

Suggested Brewing Methods:  Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew


What can you say about an astonishingly good coffee?  How about just that.  Gesha is the most rare coffee varietal and we are pleased to carry a delicious one.  Our Gesha is light roasted to bring out the floral notes.  As a natural process, it also has a pleasant fruitiness.
The natural process means the coffee fruit is left to dry on the bean before hulling.  This creates a fruity coffee.  The natural processing method is the most eco-friendly because it uses less water than other processing methods.
Our Colombia Gesha comes to us direct from farm, and we are delighted to roast up coffee grown to such high standards.
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This coffee features an extremely low acidity, light body and clean finish. This coffee is a personal favorite of the BCR staff, and is sure to be one of  yours.